I'm a Vermonter who went to college in Boston, spent a month in Bordeaux France painting, traveled cross country 4 times, lived and worked in NYC for wNET and Scholastic, and once flew to Iceland just to see Björk play her hometown with the entire London Symphony Orchestra. My latest work was animating ELL and World Language videos at Middlebury Interactive Languages.

I have a passion for kids education, neuroscience, TED talks, NPR, meta cognition, and life long learning. I am happiest when wearing many hats and being involved with illustrating & animating, shooting/editing video, doing game design, rapid prototyping, sound design, print design, and interactive web and environmental design. (Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Final Cut, Illustrator, Animate CC, Amadeus, InVision, LiveSurface, Media Encoder, Garageband, Figure, + more).

I find great joy being involved with local nonprofits, and alternative learning. I believe in the importance of mindfulness, and curating one's media consumption (and how it shapes one's perspective & creativity). Here's a peek into what's been influencing my mind lately.

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